It is always a tough decision on when to sell your business here in Montana. You have put in a lot of hours, money and sweat to get to where it is now. Often employees are like friends or family. You have reached that point, where you feel that for the company to grow, it needs new energy and ideas. Maybe you have a new venture you want to purse or you are ready to retire and want to “cash in” your biggest investment.

Benchmark Business Investments is a Sunbelt Business Brokerage with over 250 offices throughout the USA and 11 countries. Sunbelt has sold more privately held businesses than any other brokerage firm in the USA and therefore uniquely qualified to sell businesses from $50,000 to $20,000,000. We can bring all that knowledge and selling power to your business right here in Montana. We are your business brokers in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Helena, Great Falls and the surrounding communities.

The first question to ask as you prepare to sell your business is “what is it worth”? At no cost to you, Benchmark Business Investments will do an in depth evaluation of your business to establish a fair selling price. We always keep your goals in mind throughout the process.

Only once we have come to an agreed upon price, will you enter into an agreement for us to list your business for sale and we only get paid when the business is sold. We strive to bring the right buyer to the table that fits the needs of both buyer and seller. Through Sunbelt, we can access buyers from all over the world that are looking for a business just like yours.

We also promise to honor the trust you have placed in us to keep the process quiet. You do not need your employees knowing that you are selling and you certainly do not need your competitors knowing that you are selling. This is the number one reason sellers seek a broker to handle the sale. We will help you sell your business discretely and quickly.

Take a moment to click on the About tab and learn about the people who are behind you and ready to help you through the process.

Businesses are the fabric of a community. At Benchmark Business Investments, located in Billings Montana, we believe in supporting the communities we serve. That is why we donate 5% of the commission we are paid from selling your business, to any charity of your choosing. We gladly make that donation in your name or anonymously, whichever you choose.

Our Process:

We have a unique software system to bring buyers and sellers together. It minimizes the impact to the business owner, who is busy running the company, while at the same time maximizing the use of the buyer’s time. A Buyer quickly can figure out if a business is right for them and their circumstances. The Buyer can learn about the business in a more interactive process from the comfort of their own home. This allows the seller to spend less time answering questions and doing walkthroughs with “tire kickers”. The proprietary software was built from the ground up with the Buyer and Seller in mind. Everyone’s time is valuable and our Powerful “Connect” system is the number one reason our clients choose us over any other company.

If you are interested in selling your business or want to find out what it might be worth on the open market, drop us an email or give us a call and let’s chat.

A word about the Buyer:

90% of buyers are first time buyers. They are looking for an exciting business to call their own. They want to learn from you while brining their own unique talents, skills and energy to the business. The business needs to be able to generate a living for the buyer and service the debt required to purchase the business. Beware of a broker that prices a business too high to get the business as a client and then makes you wait a long time for an unsuspecting buyer, if any. When a buyer fails, the buyer often looks for someone else to blame and if they over paid for a business or were mislead, you could end up in years of litigation. At Benchmark Business Investments we believe in full disclosure and fair pricing that creates a win-win for both buyer and seller. We take trust seriously.