At Benchmark Businesses Investments located in Montana, business brokers serving the communities of Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Helena and Great Falls, we are here to help anyway we can and so our services are as varied as you need them to be.  If you need something we cannot provide we will help point you in the right direction. As business owners ourselves, we can often provided helpful insights into marketing, business development, deal structuring and more.

*Assist Sellers to sell their business (This is what we specialize in.  Being part of Sunbelt gives you access to the largest network of buyers and sellers in the World.)

*Assist Buyers to purchase a business ( We can help you find the business of your dreams,  help walk you through the process, introduce you to financing options and more)

*Snapshot look at your current businesses value (Do you know what your business might currently be worth on the market? Knowing this can help you strategize what directions to take the company in the future, how to maximize future value, and develop a future exit plan.   It is recommended that a business get a snapshot of their businesses value and learn the leading indicators of value every 2-3 years)

* Exit Strategy planning (Planning well in advance of selling your business can maximize your selling price.  Learning the indicators of value and how you can adjust them now will lead to larger financial gains when you sell the business later)

*Formal Valuations for Court, Divorce, Estate Planning, and Partnership Disputes (We specialize in selling businesses.  However we have highly qualified providers that specialize in this kind of work and we would be glad to recommend them to you)

*Equipment Valuations (Equipment Valuations should be done by a high specialized company in that field.  He have companies we rely on for our clients and would be glad to recommend them to you.)

*Business consulting in general  ( Have questions or just want an outside opinion on something relating to your business? We are here to help in anyway we can or help point you to someone who can help)

Need something not listed? Drop us an email or give us a call and lets chat.